Ardre Orie is the writer and director of The Heart of A Man theatrical production and the film director for The Heart of A Man Film Project.

When asked why she decided to write The Heart of A Man, Orie had the following to say: “I recognized the immediate disconnect between men and women. Because men are such a tremendous factor in the self-esteem of women, I was completed to tell their truths in a way that women could not only hear but fully understand.”

Orie’s life’s mission is to uplift women that are seeking to find their strength. As author of Consciously Beautiful: I Am Enough (2014) and A Heroine in Heels (2015); writer and director of theatrical productions Lipstick Monologues and The Heart of a Man; and film director of the documentary I Am Consciously Beautiful, Ardre Orie’s work sheds light on the experiences of women while closely examining the effects of mainstream media and societal norms that have traditionally defined beauty and skewed self-worth in women.
Her works uncover the internal struggles faced by women and continue to lead the charge for redefining beauty goals that include self-worth, educational empowerment and financial stability. Ardre’s dedication to advocacy has created a national network of women that continue the conversation of self-worth and validation.
Ardre Orie currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with her husband and two daughters.

You can learn more about Ardre Orie and her mission at her website