Ashley Thomas is the Film Producer for The Heart of a Man Film Project.

As an emerging filmmaker Thomas decided to become apart of this project for a few reasons. “I love what Ardre is doing and her mission behind this. It’s starting up much needed conversations in our community about the issues men deal with. Women and men are so different on so many levels and we think we know so much about the opposite sex when we don’t know much as we think we do. This is deeper than the surface and deeper than what we perceive. These men want to be heard and this is their platform to do it.”

Thomas is a writer, photographer and filmmaker. Her writing can be seen in Sheen Magazine, Divine Voice Magazine, Paige Magazine and more. She is the writer and director of Undying Love (2015) a short film about finding your true self. Her dream is to be recognized for her ability to bring real stories and characters to life on the screen. “I want to tell the truth in my films, as gritty and dirty as that truth may be I want people to see it and talk about. We don’t talk about the issues that really effect us as human beings and really change our lives.” She does not live by today’s standard of society. “The media tells us how we should look and act, what we should eat and wear and we perceive ourselves to be less than what we are and that bothers me. We are all gifted kings and queens but we all don’t know it yet.”

Ashley Starling currently resides with her husband in Atlanta. You can read more about her at